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(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Kurogane and Fai drama, implied mpreg (nothing too get squeamish about)Misunderstanding,unlawful conduct and kidnapping?)
The Ninja stood stone still in the middle of the dim room, glaring daggers at the tall black haired woman.
“So, we’re just supposed to let you go and forget about her?”
The woman seemed impervious to the vehemence that was being thrown her way, and perhaps she was. She stood casually across from the ninja as calm and collected as if she were just passing through.  In her arms she held a small bundle whose blankets lifted and fell with the tiny sleeping breath from within.  “I doubt you could if you wanted to.” She breathed out languidly.
“Give her to me then!  I don’t want a master race, I just want my daughter.”  Kurogane shot forward a requesting hand, but with an arrogant glance from the lady it withered and fell to his side.
“Hey,” croaked the figure ly
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 3 1
Taking Over 11 PART 1
Thursday nights were spaghetti nights.  And the only night where everyone ate all of their meal, without complaining.  Well, for the most part, Al once screamed that his sauce was too red, but he ate it anyway because he wanted dessert.
        The trick to yummy, authentic spaghetti was to have an authentic Italian teach you to make it.  Particularly an Italian who’d actually instruct you until it was perfect and preferably not one that would hit you with a tomato every time it wasn’t.
       When the boys had started on solid foods, noodles seemed to be the perfect beginner meal.  Sadly Arthur learned early on that, rather amazingly, a lot of things could go wrong while just boiling noodles. So he’d enlisted the only two Italians he knew to help him and regretted it immediately.  Luckily Feliciano was patient enough to stay on and finish the job, otherwise Thursday nights would not be something to celebrate.
Arthur sat at the kitchen table, enjoying the sound of peo
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 19 24
Taking Over 10
::Face Family Drabbles, AU, baby America and Canada::
       Arthur lounged luxuriously on the couch, while a drama softly played on the telly.  A smile broke across his face and he closed his eyes, enjoying the experience of the far too rare sensation, of silence.   France had finally upheld his end of their bet and taken the children on an outing.  Leaving him all alone, in an empty house, with no one to talk to.  And he couldn’t have been happier.
It had been five hours since he’d bid them a fond farewell, and though worry pricked the back of his neck, he focused on the television, leaning on it for support of blissful idleness.  They would be back all too soon.
       “We have returned!” France boomed jovially as he held the door open for Mattew and Alfred to toddle inside.  Arthur started from sleep, blearily he looked over the couch at the new comers.
      “Welcome back,” he croaked and looked at his watch.  It was 6 pm, quite an outing.  He
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 11 14
Taking Over Part 9
::Face Family Drabbles, AU, baby America and Canada::
     What are you doing?"
     "I can see that," England chuckled as he passed the chair America was standing, kissing the boys head he picked up a measuring cup to inspect its contents. He sniffed it cautiously a few times and was about to taste the odd mixture when America yanked it out of his hands.
     "Zhis isa supwise." The boy reverently put it aside out of England's reach and returned to mixing the flour in his bowl.
     "What is it that you're making?"
     "A supwise!!" America cheered.  A surprise indeed, not only was the kitchen clean, the boy was being unusually serious, and mature.  Just as he was about to ask why type of surprise Alfred sent him a look that made him feel, dirty.  Suddenly he felt like an intruder in his own home. The little American held his ground and he found himself inching toward the door. This once he'd let his rule of 'no playing in the kitchen' slide.
      "Well," he hedged, l
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 14 9
Taking Over, part 8
::Face Family Drabbles, AU, baby America and Canada::
      England sat at his desk reading through a document.  As his eyes raced across the dull script the sounds of squeaking springs slowly filled the air. A glance up showed him that America had abandoned his crayons for a more active past time and was currently walking around on his couch.  Shrugging he went back to his reading.  As long as the boy wasn't hurting anything he was fine to do whatever he wished, the sofa may not like it but it gave him another few minutes of peaceful reading.
      "Da'y! O'pa da dendow!"
     After making a note, both on the document and on another pad of paper England spared his son a quick glance.
     "O'pa da dendow!"
     Had the American requested this of any other person, save for Mathew and Fr
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 29 23
Taking Over: Part 7
"You want to teach them to swim?" France folded a towel and placed it on the growing pile of clean linen on the kitchen table.
"Why not?" England jovially placed a tiny jumper on another pile. "I've read that babies take to the water like fish! And if, heaven forbid, they ever fall in a lake or pool or something they wont drown."
"We do not live by any of those."
"So, you're never going to be somewhere that has a body of water? It's been proven that children can drown in only an inch of water."
"There have been studies?" France grimaced, pulling a small blue sock from a pair of his trousers.
"What? No! Of course not, how horrible would that be? I just mean.."
France chuckled to himself as England furiously tried to backpedal.
~Later that week~
England stopped and smelled the air, smiling brilliantly he bounced an equally excited Alfred on his hip. It was a beautiful day, and the pool water glistened in the late afternoon light, sounds of happy laughter, splashing and games could be hea
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 29 12
Taking Over: Part 6
Days were never long enough. Minutes slipped by as if they were seconds, hours tarried only long enough to be acknowledged. But time stood still for horrible moments.

France was in the hallway in front of his office door, arms full and threatening to give out. He tried the doorknob again, unsuccessfully. A folder from atop his pile fell to the floor, spilling its contents across the tile.
"Papa! Papa!" Canada came careening around the corner of the hall, a wide intent smile on his face.
"Bon jour, mon cher, where is-" just then Canada rammed his legs with a fierce hug, though he was small it was just enough to send the top half of Frances armload toppling to the ground.
"I heard you!" England rounded the corner just in time to catch a Rolodex before it hit an oblivious Canadian nation who was still clinging tightly to his Papas legs.
"What's going on?" England spatula'd Matthew off of France, "go get Alfred, aye Matty?" After patting Matthe
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 24 24
Writers Hetalia Meme
Utter Hetalia Meme randomness...
1. Germany
2. Sealand
3. France
4. Seychelles
5. America
6. Prussia
7. Switzerland
8. Hungary
9. Liech
10. Austira
11. England
12. Canada
1. What would 12 and 1 be like in a relationship?
Either amazingly awful, or  pretty Kick Ass
         "Canada? Canada where are you!  It's eighty more pushups for being late!"
         "I'm right here!"
2. If 6 and 3 were to have an affair, who would top?
Oh lala….
         France kissed just the way he always hoped he would: with style.  Everything was hot, passionate, insanely erotic, but still classy.  It was awesome.  As the burning intensified Prussia crashed them through his bedroom door.  Shoes were kicked off and shirts ripped apart as the frenzy grew.  Just as he was undoing his trousers
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 3 2
Taking Over: Part 5
France, America, Canada, England.  FACE Family drabbles.
England brushed a finger through a sleeping America's blond curl. It bounced back, resting against his head amongst it's fellows.  Absently he did this a few more times before turning his attention to Canada, who lay sleeping next to his brother, clutching his favorite stuffed polar bear.
They were lit softly by Arthur's bedside lamp, as were dozen or so storybooks and a document or two for later adult reading. England lay on his side, both boys tucked up against him sleeping soundly, like tiny angels. It was a peace unlike any he'd ever known.
If France had been there, he would have joked about liking them best when they were asleep; but it would have been a lie.  A small one, but nevertheless a falsehood. He loved them no matter what they were doing, arguably naps and bedtime gave him less gray hairs; but watching them learn and grow was definitely worth all the soiled shirts and b
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 46 8
Taking Over 4
"What iz This?"
"Why does zhe boy's mush look more appetizing?"
"Because the boy's food was created in a lab by overpaid men in white suits and inflated egos. This was created out of the goodness of my heart, which is currently running off four hours of sleep, a bran muffin, and a very low opinion of the world at large.
France poked at his food apprehensively, "I don't believe I 'ave to suffer just because you cannot separate fact from fiction."
"Those are real problems people face!" England retorted jabbing his fork across the table at France.
"I doubt it! It iz a Soap Opera!" France reasoned shrugging his shoulders while eyeing his son's fruit cocktail.
England blushed but fought to defend himself "art reflects life!"
"Oui, but whose?"
"There are more people in this world than you, you know." England reflexively saved America's cup as it was sent spinning to the edge.
"Oui," France smirked and winked as he speared a peach off of Canada's food tray. The blond boy frowned up
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 26 6
Demolition Dating
     "I'm bored."  Prussia threw a dart at the wall. It hit the very center of target board with a muffled thunk.
     Glancing up briefly Switzerland said "Good shot," before returning to cleaning his gun.
    "Of course it was. All my shots are good."  He threw another, which sunk into the wall inches away from a gilded frame of someone he didn't know.
    "Uh, huh," mused Switzerland, narrowing his eyes at the dart, still swaying in his wall.
     "I am soo bored."  Prussia cried again, throwing himself backward on to a couch.  Switzerland said nothing to this. he didn't even stir at the noise, since this was about the hundredth time the older man had proclaimed his boredom, and thrown himself on to a piece of furniture.
      Minutes ticked by with the sound of Vash's brush strokes against the inside
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 5 3
Taking Over 3
"And after your fifth bath, we shall be boxing you up and shipping you to the University for scientific evaluation on how one so small can spontaneously, GAH!" England froze in the foyer as an unabashed France untangled himself from a very red Seychelles in the living room.
"There are children in this house!"  England scowled furiously, his mouth would have fallen open in shear disgust had he not been afraid of what Alfred might put in it.  The American was overly fond of Cherrios, and it was likely he had some hidden on his person, in varying states of deterioration, and despite Englands many attempts at removing them.
"Darling" France cooed at the woman still straddling his lap "why don't you freshen up?  Our reservation is in an hour."  He kissed her nose and patted her rear-end making her giggle as she vacated to the nearest bathroom.  After she was gone France turned casually back to England.
"And what do you have to say for yourse
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 28 12
Taking Over Part 2
FACE (France America Canada Englad) FAMILY FIC, Ffance and Englands adventures in raising their sons.
The soft crying was transcendent, it was everywhere!  There wasn't a crack or cranny unaffected in the entire house, even the very marrow of Englands' bones filled and overflowed with sorrow.  
Though as the desperation increased the less he wanted to move.   
His trust in the "Sleeping through the night" baby manual he'd bought was rapidly fading as the longer the child went unattended the louder he got.  Arthur didn't have to look at the color coded monitors on his nightstand to know which the pitiful lament was emitting.  It wasn't until a sleep sodden yawn of a voice spoke through one that he made a move.
"Et iz yours Mon ami, pray he does not wake Matthieu or et will be you crying next."
The Englishman groaned as he sat up, playing the role of exhausted zombie rather convincingly.  Clumsily he shuffled into slipp
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 37 16
Wizardly by Merrily-Mie Wizardly :iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 4 4
Taking Over
"NYHA! Do not drink zat, little one," France raced to rescue his son from a puddle that was not there a moment ago.  Taking the edge of his sleeve he wiped mud from the toddlers inquisitive face and hands "you want to be ill, oui?"  Matthieu cocked his head at his fathers words and smiled showing off his brand new teeth.  The sight melted Francis' frustration, only to redouble a moment later as the baby lunged at a butterfly almost slipping from his grasp.
"Merde!  Will you stop zat!"
"What is that?"  Curiosity alone made England bend farther over the changing table than was necessary, but that was as far as it went.  "What am I.. oh .bloody hell!" quickly he folded the nappy and tossed it in the bin wrinkly his nose at the proud little nation who lay in front of him happily sucking his foot.  "I suppose I should be glad it passed safely?"  America gurgled, and a goodly amount of slobber trailed down his le
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 66 28
Anything for you 4
"Vash? Vash...?"
Switzerland smiled drowsily as Lilli's soothing call came to him through his sleepy fog.  His leg was being jostled not uncomfortably but enough that he could not ignore it as he wanted, slowly his resisting eyes opened.
"Ja, I hear you." The scene around him came into fussy focus, Lili was sitting in front of him in her night dress, higher off the ground, but at eye level and smiling.
"You are having a rough night," Lili brushed a hand through his hair making his scalp tingle and he hoped she give it a scratch, instead she pulled away and stood, holding her hands down for his.  
He appreciated the gesture but he wasn't about to use her to pull his weight off the floor.  He got to his feet with only minor help from the towel rack above him; Lili raised an eyebrow at him but took his hand anyway and lead the way into their room.  She guided him to the bed with her dainty hands steering each shoulder.  As they got
:iconmerrily-mie:Merrily-Mie 5 4


Zootopia fanart_ by ChichiriYuki Zootopia fanart_ :iconchichiriyuki:ChichiriYuki 1,655 114 Then and Now by Cioccolatodorima Then and Now :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,333 231 APH - Hair by C4L4M1T43R0ST4T0 APH - Hair :iconc4l4m1t43r0st4t0:C4L4M1T43R0ST4T0 70 3 Apple White figure by me by AngeniaC Apple White figure by me :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 432 22 Elsa fairy by AngeniaC Elsa fairy :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 629 26 .:Switzerland Gun Smex:. by QueenOfPrussia .:Switzerland Gun Smex:. :iconqueenofprussia:QueenOfPrussia 2,050 493 APH: Come closer by xiaoyugaara
Mature content
APH: Come closer :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 686 66
SessKag Sketch - Don't Go by YoukaiYume SessKag Sketch - Don't Go :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 3,637 291 Sesskag Sketch - Defiant by YoukaiYume Sesskag Sketch - Defiant :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 2,705 124 SessKag Sketch - Intimate by YoukaiYume SessKag Sketch - Intimate :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 3,346 158 Francis by Cioccolatodorima Francis :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,632 175 The Last Unicorn by luleiya The Last Unicorn :iconluleiya:luleiya 12,237 614 Amshet by Katikut Amshet :iconkatikut:Katikut 590 40



So my ever so faithful and awesomest DA friends, I have an Etsy store.. I debated on listing items here for sale but I'm too lazy.  And I'd like to keep it all in one place.  I hate advertising to friends, who I'd rather make things for free, but I can't be totally negligant and not tell anyone about my stuff.  Soooo here you go!…:
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